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AI will make life meaningless, Elon Musk warns
"When asked if he thought A.I was a good or a bad thing Musk said: 'I think it is both.' 'One way to think of it is to imagine you were very confident we were going to be visited by super intelligent aliens in 10 years or 20 years at the most.'"
The Uttar Pradesh Association of Dead People
"Lal’s cousins had bribed a local official and declared him dead in order to take his land. One would think it a fairly easy procedure to prove that you aren’t dead but even in the United States this can take months. In India, it took 17 years."
Suicide Risk Assessment Doesn't Work
"But how good are we at predicting the level of suicide risk? Not very good at all, it seems, according to two recent meta-analyses of the last forty years of suicide risk research. One group of authors even suggests that the process of suicide risk assessment itself might increase the likelihood of suicide."
Secondhand Smoke Is Not Nearly As Dangerous As We Thought. Shouldn’t That Matter?
I'm kind of glad for the existence of secondhand smoking bans ... but the claims used to justify them appear to be overstated.