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Can You Microwave a Tea Bag That Has a Staple in It?
"Although one dry staple probably won’t start a fire, it can do some damage. 'It will be much the same as running the microwave empty, which could [burn] a hole through the microwave wall,' warns Mats Selen, professor of physics at the University of Illinois." This suggests that the earlier Alton Brown recommendation of making microwave popcorn in a stapled bag is likely to gradually mess up your microwave - the staple suggestion is not on the version on his website although I think it was in one or more of his books.
The ways that student samples differ from the public varies around the world
Henrich's The Weirdest People in the World looked at how American university students (who are often the research subjects in published research) differ from others around the world - now it seems that "the ways students differ from the public is different depending on which country you’re in".
A Traumatized Reader Discusses Trigger Warnings
"The fact is literally anything in the world can be triggering to someone depending on their experiences and illnesses, it isn’t just obvious stuff like rape."