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How the GOP Could Use Science’s Reform Movement Against It
Brian Nosek of the Center for Open Science: "Openness and reproducibility may be core to how science works, but they can be misused or turned into ways of pursuing ideological attacks". I think that that's not just something done by the GOP but by all sorts of activists.
Bounded openness: The effect of openness to experience on intolerance is moderated by target group conventionality
"We suggest that tests of the association between openness to experience and tolerance have heretofore been incomplete because they have primarily focused on prejudice toward unconventional target groups. ... People high in openness do appear more tolerant of diverse worldviews compared with people low in openness; however, at the same time, people both high and low in openness are more intolerant of groups whose worldviews conflict with their own."
Faculty jobs are rare, but Canada still needs its PhDs
"by the end of their doctoral studies, only 36 per cent of male and 27 per cent of female students were interested in pursuing faculty positions at research institutions. The myriad calls for the demise of the traditional PhD are premature, however. Doctoral work provides students with critical skills that are key to sustaining and building Canada’s economic, social, and cultural prosperity. A quick look at a university’s graduate degree level expectations for doctoral students shows the PhD is much more than just a thorough understanding of a substantial body of knowledge. PhDs are expected to communicate complex and ambiguous ideas, orally and in writing; to locate, evaluate, and synthesize novel information; and to apply that information in new situations. They learn to work independently, and, in many fields, they learn the value of teamwork as well. They learn to take risks. They learn resilience from failure. They learn how to build on ideas from success. These are exactly the sorts of skills Canada’s workers need in our evolving knowledge-based economy."