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No easy answers: why left-wing economics is not the answer to right-wing populism
"a lot of data suggests that countries with more robust welfare states tend to have stronger far-right movements". Suggests racism a larger factor in the US.
Tough Breaks in Life Can Fuel Extreme Political Views
I'd consider this fairly unsurprising: "Randles found that regardless of where people stand on the political spectrum — left or right — adverse life events hardened their leanings either way. “After facing adversity, these respondents weren’t saying about an issue, ‘Maybe this is OK.’ They were either saying, ‘This is definitely OK,’ or, ‘This is definitely not OK,’” said Randles."
Why Don’t They Come?
"People with lower incomes and less education (low-SES) participate at lower rates in a huge range of activities, including not just classical music concerts and plays, but also less 'elitist' forms of engagement like going to the movies, dancing socially, and even attending sporting events." An exploration of this issue and factors that may play.