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Political Regime Type and Warfare: Evidence from 600 Years of European History
"We find that early parliamentary regimes – the institutional precursors to modern democracies – fought in significantly more wars than did absolutist monarchies, both against one another and overall. We argue that early parliamentary regimes had a relatively large capacity to make war, but, unlike modern democracies, not enough institutional constraints to reduce its frequency."
A Woman Kissed Her Boyfriend After He Ate a Peanut Butter Sandwich. It Killed Her
When Cooperation and Compromise Fail: Distrusting and Denigrating the Moral Character of Those Who Disagree
"People tend to view adversaries with dissimilar opinions as irrational, biased, and negatively motivated. However, when adversaries show honest attempts to compromise evaluations should become more positive. Unfortunately, the evidence presented here does not support this idea."