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Strategic tennis grunts (from our email)
"The sound of the ball hitting the racket provides useful information, particularly for a mishit or a powerful shot — because you have to move up or back quickly to cope. For years, top tennis players have used grunts and shrieks to conceal this sound from their opponents"
France Bastille Day: 'Complex thinker' Macron 'to skip press conference'
This doesn't reek at all of a detached and snooty elitism. Doesn't seem to bode particularly well for France - although perhaps it's not all that dissimilar in a way to Hillary Clinton arguing about having both private and public positions on an issue.
No needles, no doctor. This vaccine is one you could give yourself
"A press-on patch that delivers flu vaccine painlessly worked as well as an old-fashioned flu shot with no serious side effects, researchers reported Tuesday. ... The hope is the vaccine will be cheaper, easier to give and more acceptable than a regular flu vaccine."