Spaceballs Cartoon Series

MGM TV has commissioned an animated series based on Mel Brooks' 1987 "Spaceballs" movie and sold exclusive rights in the U.S. to Comcast's G4 cable network.
Encompassing a one-hour pilot and 13 half-hour episodes, project represents the first scripted series greenlit by the new TV division at MGM, led by Jim Packer, president of the worldwide TV distribution group. Series kicks off on G4 in fall 2007.

Although the movie grossed only $38.1 million in U.S. multiplexes, Packer said "Spaceballs" has become "a successful franchise for our library" through sale in video and DVD and to cable and pay TV nets.

Brooks and Thomas Meehan, who co-wrote the movie with Ronnie Graham, have penned the one-hour pilot, and Meehan will supervise the writing of the 13 half-hours. Brooks will do two of the voices, President Skroob and Yogurt.

Germany's Berliner Film Companie will provide the animation.

Packer said he expects brisk international sales of the show at next month's Mipcom festival in Cannes.

G4, which has 59 million subscribers, will become involved in the making of "Spaceballs," which is a joint production of MGM Studios, Brooksfilms Ltd. and Berliner.


Know if there's to be any Canadian network carrying this?

Just watch...Dave's going to end up getting the next tier of cable so that he can get his Spaceballs fix!

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

What next tier? Courtesy of a new roommate who's a big NFL fan, there's now a digital cable box kicking around. From now on (well, once the free preview runs out) I can work on a channel by channel basis.

Cable still isn't quite as good as satellite in terms of picking up feeds from across the country, but it seems to be starting to get more of that. I think that I get 5 different feeds of CTV for exampl.

Haven't heard anything yet.

A while ago, I heard that there was a second movie produced. However, I haven't heard much about that since. I wonder if this is what's happening instead.

It sounds interesting, but honestly I'd have to rewatch the original Star Wars again-- it's been way too long. I have vague memories of watching scenes here and there when you had your friends over. Oh and I recall a giant pink hair dryer in a desert... strange.

That's my Industrial Strength hair drier. AND I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT IT!

Ahh the memories...