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Risk taking and information aggregation in groups
"We find that a considerable number of subjects exhibit ‘reverse confirmation bias’: they place less weight on information from others that agrees with their private signal and more weight on conflicting information."
Is 7nm The Last Major Node?
"Fabless chipmakers, in particular, are cautious about adopting expensive new tooling and methodologies because there are fewer high-volume market opportunities at leading-edge nodes. System vendors such as Apple and Samsung have begun building their own chips for mobile phones, and Google, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft have begun designing their own chips for the cloud. The net effect is there are fewer high-volume markets available to recoup development costs for anyone else."
Efforts to Rescue Migrants Caused Deadly, Unexpected Consequences
"Strategies to rescue migrants in the Mediterranean Sea and disrupt smuggling networks have had deadly, unexpected consequences, according to aid groups monitoring the crisis. It is part of a wrenching Catch-22: Any effort to lessen the migrant crisis can backfire as smuggling networks devise even more dangerous strategies in response."