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All slaughterhouses in England will have to be monitored by CCTV to safeguard animal welfare, says Michael Gove
"Food Standards Agency’s official vets will be able to access footage of all areas with livestock" Much better than the "ag gag" laws popping up in other places which keep unauthorized cameras away. Here's it's not just cameras being required, but also a government agency entitled to access the footage.
The Problems of Identity Policing and Invisible Identities for Identitarian Deference
"That King had to reveal such private, and presumably painful, information should strike most people as inhumane. ... There are many causes, but one of them is surely that the modern politics of Identitarian Deference (ID) creates the necessity of identity policing and effectively forces those with less visible identities to share the private details of their lives."
Science Curiosity and Political Information Processing
"This paper describes evidence suggesting that science curiosity counteracts politically biased information processing." / "It also reports data, observational and experimental, showing that science curiosity promotes open-minded engagement with information that is contrary to individuals’ political predispositions."