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Wisdom in Context
"wise thinking is often characterized by an asymmetry such that people are more likely to show a greater ability to reason wisely about problems of other people compared to personal problems"
Can Super Smart Leaders Suffer From too Much of a Good Thing? The Curvilinear Effect of Intelligence on Perceived Leadership Behavior.
"Accounting for the effects of leader personality, gender, age, as well as company, country, and time fixed effects, analyses indicated that perceptions of leadership followed a curvilinear inverted-U function of intelligence. The peak of this function was at an IQ score of about 120"
Medieval medical books could hold the recipe for new antibiotics / Scientists reveal 20 Kenyan plants that can cure cancer
I expect that a lot of this stuff is likely to be ineffective, but it seems also worth the effort of exploration at it as least seems likely to be a bit better than just randomly testing things.