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Wealthy Elites’ Policy Preferences and Economic Inequality: The Case of Technology Entrepreneurs
"technology entrepreneurs’ predispositions toward racial tolerance, non-authoritarianism, and cosmopolitanism align them with Democrats in supporting liberal redistributive, social, and globalistic policies. However, they generally oppose regulation—but also for reasons that extend beyond self-interest alone."
Could Fake Palm Oil Made From Food Waste Help Save Orangutans?
You probably haven't heard much of palm oil but you probably use it quite a lot: "In a single day, you might use a dozen products made with palm oil, an ingredient in many consumer products such as toothpaste, cereal, laundry detergent, instant noodles, and vitamins. By some estimates, as many as half of the packaged items in a grocery store might contain it." Would be great to be able to replace it with a product from food waste with a bit of yeast added.
That Drug Expiration Date May Be More Myth Than Fact
"If some drugs remain effective well beyond the date on their labels, why hasn't there been a push to extend their expiration dates? It turns out that the FDA, the agency that helps set the dates, has long known the shelf life of some drugs can be extended, sometimes by years. In fact, the federal government has saved a fortune by doing this."