Random links

Jeff Sessions just criticized university safe spaces. But conservatives want their own safe spaces too.
Often seemingly-dissimilar groups behave in similar ways.
Evidence that curtailing proactive policing can reduce major crime
Could broken-windows policing do more harm than good?
Love Thy Neighbor? Ethnoracial Diversity and Trust Reexamined
"According to recent research, ethnoracial diversity negatively affects trust and social capital. This article challenges the current conception ... the association between diversity and self-reported trust is a compositional artifact attributable to residential sorting: nonwhites report lower trust and are overrepresented in heterogeneous communities. ... classic indicators of inequality, not diversity, strongly and consistently predict self-reported trust."
Are Misperceptions of Certainty Making Political Discussions Difficult?
"our research indicates that people underestimate the certainty of those they disagree with." More on the pros and cons of attempting to correct this.