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The boy who cried crisis
A 2011 post on what leads to negative stereotypes of Africa: "Kenny portrays this as a classic tragedy of the commons situation: optimism is kind of a global commons, one that is depleted every time an NGO focuses on the horror, the horror of it all. The aid/charity community would probably be better off if everyone stopped doing this, but the private incentives to continue are just too great."
Does Work Make Mothers Happy?
"Analyzing multiple measures of subjective well-being, the paper shows that homemakers are generally happier than full-time workers. No significant differences between homemakers and part-time workers were found. Contrary to our expectations, homemaking was positively associated with happiness particularly among mothers who left higher quality employment for childcare. Though some variation across countries exists, it is not linked to the provision of formal childcare, duration of parental leave, or tax system."
The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober and A Short History of Drunkenness - Reviews
"Apparently 43% of British women and 84% of British men want to drink less ... Only 3% of millennials say that drinking is “an essential part of socialising”, and there has been a “40% rise in millennials choosing to be teetotal”."