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Beijing’s first ‘pay per use’ lift charges 3 US cents for every ride
"A pilot scheme has been started in Beijing charging people to use newly installed lifts in older residential blocks ... A similar scheme was launched in Beijing’s Haidian district last year, but residents were charged a monthly “subscription” fee to use the lifts. The elevator firm’s chief designer Zheng Hongan told the paper: “Residents don’t need to pay construction and maintenance fees. They pay only according to their needs.”"
A Crook is a Crook . . . But is He Still a Crook Abroad? On the Effect of Immigration on Destination-Country Corruption
"Independent of the econometric methodology applied, we consistently find: (i) General migration has an insignificant effect on the destination country’s corruption level. (ii) Immigration from corruption-ridden countries boosts corruption in the destination country."
Fake News and Bots May Be Worrisome, but Their Political Power Is Overblown
"How easy is it to change people’s votes in an election? The answer, a growing number of studies conclude, is that most forms of political persuasion seem to have little effect at all."