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The beef industry just fired its first shot in the fight against cell-cultured meat
Basically it's an attempt to use definitions to shift people's perceptions. To quote a petition cited in the article: "[The government] should require that any product labeled as “beef” come from cattle that have been born, raised, and harvested in the traditional manner, rather than coming from alternative sources such as a synthetic product from plant, insects, or other non-animal components and any product grown in labs from animal cells."
Every Single One of Marvel's GLAAD Award-Nominated Comics Has Been Cancelled
"As has been the case with these sort of cancellations in the past, it’s not difficult to understand the why of Marvel’s decision. The publisher is, above all else, in the business of making money, and if certain comics don’t sell, it makes sense to cut them."
Hyped birth control app Natural Cycles has been reported to the authorities - after 37 unwanted pregnancies
I wonder if this is one of those scenarios wherein people either assume something to be 100% effective or 0% effective, where most things don't quite fall at either extreme - "Earlier this year, Natural Cycles was part of a study which found it to be more effective than the contraceptive pill, with a 93 percent (out of 100) score on the Pearl Index under normal use."