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Israeli rabbi says eating cloned pork is kosher, genetic engineering would prevent animal suffering
If this rabbi isn't the only one to reach that conclusion (also concluding that a bacon cheeseburger might also be kosher if similarly created), somehow I suspect Israel may lead in the uptake of lab-grown meat.
The Legacy of Colonial Medicine in Central Africa
"Between 1921 and 1956, French colonial governments organized medical campaigns to treat and prevent sleeping sickness. Villagers were forcibly examined and injected with medications with severe, sometimes fatal, side effects. ... We find that greater historical exposure to the campaigns reduces trust in medicine - measured by willingness to consent to a free, non-invasive blood test. The resulting mistrust is specific to the medical sector. We examine relevance for present day health initiatives; we find that World Bank projects in the health sector are less successful in areas with greater exposure to the campaigns."
Pirates of the Caribbean (Metric Edition)
Are British privateers why the reason the US has been slow to adopt the metric system?