Is a catch-and-release program for books a good thing to try?

I tend to buy quite a few books, but I don't really want to expand much beyond the two bookshelves that I purchased since moving out of Alberta. (I suppose that I have another bookshelf kicking around in "my bedroom" back in BC, but I'm not going to count that). Albert Mohler seems to find it difficult to get rid of old books, but I don't think that I'm quite as attached to those that I've previously read. I tend to keep a few, but try to keep the number of kept books down.

One question that this leaves is how to keep the number of books in my posession down to a reasonable quantity. Has anyone tested out BookCrossings which works on the premise of leaving free books around with ID stickers pointing you to the website if you wish to track them?

It sounds like an interesting system, although I have my suspicions that books left lying in random places will frequently be tossed in with the garbage when people come around to clean the place. I'm also not sure how well it might work with anything other than plain old fiction.


I recommend putting your unwanted books up on Amazon or a similar site.

I've heard of Book Crossings before, but like you it seems that most of them would end up in the garbage. Plus, I'd feel like I was littering!

Unfortunatly, as I am a bit technologically-challenged, I can't figure out how to sell on ebay and amazon, so I usually go to the local second hand book store to sell my books. You may not get a lot of money but it's better than nothing.

P.S. I think my bookshelf really needs a good paring down of books!

I decided to blog on this. I got carried away in my response so it deserved it's own space.
Can you tell I'm bored and can't sleep?

I tend to avoid selling my books off. By and large you don't really get all that much money from them, and there seem to be better things to do with books than that (I have a hard time justifying to myself the thought of selling books on theology). Right now I've got a number of books on loan to various people, and have also donated some books to one of my landlord's relatives who collects and loans out a fair number of books. A place like Salvation Army might be a good place to handle the non-theological books that I get rid of.