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Scrapping Economics and Starting Over
On the Five Star Movement that gained ascendency in the last Italian elections: "Expect M5S’s gains to cause panic on both sides of America’s political aisle. Though usually characterized as green and left-libertarian, the party has tremendous appeal to the populist right. Progressives won’t care for its Euroskeptism and moderate immigration restrictionism. And establishment conservatives will be horrified by its support for degrowth economics ..."
Royal Opera House ruling will have a 'profound impact' on orchestras
"In the first case of its kind, viola player Christopher Goldscheider claimed he suffered hearing loss while playing at the Royal Opera House in 2012. A High Court judge ruled on Wednesday that the company had been in breach of regulations regarding noise at work."
Article: EB-1: Not Just for Einsteins
On US immigration: "a blind assessment of Einstein’s 1920 résumé by a group of immigration attorneys yielded a general agreement that the subject individual was a bit underqualified and would make for a rather challenging petition."