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California, Coffee and Cancer: One of These Doesn’t Belong
"If Americans slap a label on every substance that has the potential to cause cancer, eventually those labels will stop having any meaning. If nearly inconsequential dangers get the same warning as significant dangers, people might start ignoring preventive efforts entirely."
Second-largest earthquake in modern South Korean history tied to geothermal plant
I've talked before re: nuclear how pretty much any form of power generation poses risks. Geothermal is no exception.
Relative's DNA from genealogy websites cracked East Area Rapist case, DA's office says
"The effort was part of a painstaking process that began by using DNA from one of the crime scenes from years ago and comparing it to genetic profiles available online through various websites that cater to individuals wanting to know more about their family backgrounds by accepting DNA samples from them, said Chief Deputy District Attorney Steve Grippi."