1&1 speed

I don't know how many of you noticed the move to 1&1 over the weekend, but the site has now been running on 1&1 for about 2 days now (minus a little bit of time for the name change to propogate throughout the net).

What do you all think of the speed of the site on this new host? I've found that it's been somewhat slow and am debating a return to the former host (upon which my account is still live).


A bit slower than before; former host was nice and fast. We found 1&1's shared hosting to be slow for our company's web site too. We moved up to a dedicated server and it's better now, but the process was extremely painful. Just about everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong. 1&1 is evil.

I think that I'll try to find the time tonight to migrate back. Migrating drupal back is a simple matter of updating the db at the other end, but I took advantage of the move to upgrade the versions of the photo gallery and wiki, so those migrations will be a little bit more complicated.

8-95.com was hosting rotundus.com for most of the past 2 years, so I'm fairly comfortable with their stability and support. I was hoping that consolidation would be good (and some bits of 1&1 are tempting), but I think that I'll keep 1&1 to just being a domain registrar.

Annoyingly, billing is a bit of a nuisance. They won't let you switch plans less than 30 days apart - I personally don't care if they bill me for the full month even though I've only used a fraction but it would be nice to deal with that hassle now.