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The Green party won in Auckland by reaching beyond its own bubble
"In Auckland, we flipped a seat Green, which had been held by centre-right National party politicians for 12 years. We did it by bursting our own bubble. In our bubble, we can’t fathom that working-class people would vote against their own self-interest for a strong-man built on strawman logic. It’s wild to reckon with how policies to fairly tax millionaires are warped through talkback radio to scare tradies and hospo workers into thinking their jobs are on the chopping block. In our bubble, it’s slanderous to question the orthodoxy of our university educations and how the vernacular they normalise may alienate the very people we say we want to help."
Americans are more worried about their sons than their daughters
One interesting take from a since-appeared tweak is that liberal respondents are more worried about the prospect of girls in general but more worried about the prospects of their sons in particular.
Daniel Marans on Twitter
"MLK was so conscious of the political impact of slogans, that in a speech very shortly before he died, King said he wished the phrase "Black power" had never come into being because it was "confusing" and "gives the wrong connotation." https://gendlergrapevine.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Conversation-with-Martin-Luther-King.pdf