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"Average working hours in European countries, from Rasmussen and Knutsen "Reforming to survive: The Bolshevik origins of social policy"
This is a pretty fascinating graphic!
Estonia has a new way to stop speeding motorists
"Drivers caught speeding along the road between Tallinn and the town of Rapla were stopped and given a choice. They could pay a fine, as normal, or take a “timeout” instead, waiting for 45 minutes or an hour, depending on how fast they were going when stopped. The aim of the experiment is to see how drivers perceive speeding, and whether lost time may be a stronger deterrent than lost money. ... Public reaction, though, was not what they expected. 'It’s been very positive, surprisingly,'"
Intergenerational Mobility between and within Canada and the United States
"Intergenerational income mobility is lower in the United States than in Canada, but varies significantly within each country. Our sub-national analysis finds that the national border only partially distinguishes the close to one thousand regions we analyze within these two countries. The Canada-US border divides Central and Eastern Canada from the Great Lakes regions and the Northeast of the United States. At the same time some Canadian regions have more in common with the low mobility southern parts of the United States than with the rest of Canada, and the fact that these areas represent a much larger fraction of the American population also explains why mobility is lower in the United States." (via Marginal Revolution)