Christians and tipping...

Today on Between Two Worlds, a post discussed a topic that I've heard mentioned a number of times before.

To quote one of the articles linked: "I'd heard from counteless others that the 'Church crowd' is hands down the worst group of people to wait on. I never believed them, mostly because I was always part of the Church crowd. Unfortunately, I've come to find out how right they were."

Something for you to consider when eating out...


Oh, you mean tipping at restaurants. I thought you meant cow tipping. And here I was all ready to set up a competetion with you all...

It's true. I guess at least among the people I know, tipping is like an afterthought. Maybe if we calculated it into the price it wouldn't be so bad. It's sort of like an 'unexpected cost' -- something our background doesn't like to have if we don't have to.

Definitely something to think about.

P.S. Tipping 15% is about the same as GST & PST 15% in BC.. ohhh to live in Alberta!

Umn... Alberta does have GST

I think manditory tipping is pathetic. Why are "gratuities" now becoming practically manidtory. I don't have a problem leaving a tip IF service is good, but why do people expect it. It's not as if waiters'/waitresses' only source of income is from tips. First they are paid, then they get tips on top of that. Waitresses at bars can easily clear $100 a night in tips - on a BAD day. It's not like they're poor.

As I said, I base my tips on how good the service is. If I don't leave a tip (or add it to the bill), then it is a statement about the food/service that was received. I've also heard many people say thatplaces that have "mandatory gratuities" are the ones that typically have the worst service.

Indeed, bad service gets a bad tip. Some people even have a formula for how much percent to deduct based on a certain interval of time spent waiting beyond what would be considered acceptable.