Boycotts - my annual annoyance

Already in August I was hearing talk of letter-writing campaigns to corporations to ensure that the word 'Christmas' worked its way into their advertising at this time of year.

Recently LifeSite put out a list of "naughty" and "nice" organizations in relation to their inclusion or exclusion of "Christmas". Lifesite, as a Roman Catholic news organization, has an annoying habit of writing up a new article seemingly every time that someone in the Vatican sneezes. Being a Roman Catholic organization, there are certain things they post with which I disagree and some that I think are somewhat crazy, but they're also useful for keeping on top of a lot of news. Their naughty and nice list isn't one of the useful things though IMO. Consider the following writeup of a store from the naughty list:

Web site says "Holiday Store" and "Holiday Lighting" and only at bottom of site says "Make your Christmas decorations complete." Stores have "Holiday Home Accents."

Then compare this too a different company on the "nice" list.

Will have red and green candies with pictures of Christmas trees and angels among other images.

Does these companies really sound much different? Do I care if a company uses the word "christmas" in its advertising? (To answer that last question: I don't mind if they don't). Yinkadinay recently posted on the sillyness of some of these boycotts.


Our company sends out Christmas cards every year but they always say stuff like "Happy Holidays", which doesn't bother me too much, but stuff like "holiday tree" and the Royal Canadian Mint's commercial a few years back about the "12 days of giving" was ridiculous.

Boycotting isn't going to achieve anything. Go shop there and remind them that it's Christmas. If you're feeling especially bored, find a store that only sells Christmas items and complain that you can't find any non-Christmas stuff.

Have you heard the new commercial from Ikea? (Not sure if they have an IKEA in Calgary or not). Basically it advertises a Christmas tree if you celebrate Christmas, and if you don't, they offer a 6 foot tall pine air freshener. Then they conclude with Happy Holidays.

LOL nice!