Those silly car contraptions

Today, nearing 13 months after I first arrived in Calgary, I finally did something to decrease the aerodynamic efficiency of my automobile. It's finally joined the crowd of cars with a plug poking out the front grill. Waiting close to 400 days from initial arrival time to install one of these has got to score reasonably high on the procrastination meter.


So, have you noticed that it makes a difference for how easily it cranks in the morning, or how soon the heater is effective? I can notice with my little red car when the block heater has been plugged in, versus when it hasn't.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

I haven't yet bothered to plug it in. It's been relatively warm lately.

It took him this long to install one; it'll take until at least next winter before he uses it.

welcome to the pigtail club! When we first visited 4 years ago we said, "Wow, they have electric cars here. They are so advanced." And then we learned the truth. I've used mine once this winter. It does help the cranking though. Think of your oil as frozen honey slowly turned to warm maple syrup. It does the trick.