What are you up to this weekend?

I was originally going to be out of town Saturday afternoon through Monday, but it's been decided to postpone that outing due to the general insanity of long weekend vacationining. For me Sunday and Monday are now once again available for activity-planning purposes, although Saturday still isn't really a good time.

Anyways, given that we haven't really gotten around to doing something as a group in a while I figured that I would inquire as to whether or not people had time free to do something one of those days. Can you fit in an everning of movie-watching or cards amongst the church picnics or whatever other events you might have booked this weekend?

Given the wonderful traffic that the Monday of a long weekend typically brings in the Eastern Fraser Valley, I suppose that this wouldn't be a good weekend to try that Darren's idea of heading off to Yale for a BBQ/picnic/whatever.


Not sure what I'm up to this weekend. Can't remember if our church picnic is even on Labour Day. I seem to recall it was in the liturgy sheet a while ago, but looking at the PDFs online I don't see it.

That movie you linked to looks interesting.

Can't say that I have any objections to a Monday afternoon/evening get together. I'm also thinking about a Monday morning of railfanning.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.