TV - what are you watching?

I'd been hearing quite a bit about the show House from some friends - and for a while it appeared as though I were the only one not watching it. Then, a few weeks back, someone mentioned to me that House was the show that in some sense replaced Frasier in their TV viewing. That was enough to at least get me to try watching one episode, and I think that I've gotten hooked. Does anyone happen to have the first few seasons of that show kicking around on DVD for me to borrow?

I used to enjoy watching Frasier as it seemed to have some more depth than other comedies (although, as time wore on, they seemed to run out of plotlines and the show got a bit seedy). That said, in the past week I watched a few episodes, and found one such episode rather amusing. Basically the episode involves Frasier getting grief from the audience of his show for complaining about the amount of rain in Seattle. Vancouver isn't exactly Seattle, but it's close enough and the comment fit accurately enough (just look at the weather forecast for Vancouver in the next few days).


We watch House fairly regularly. I like the title character because of his cynicism, he's as grumpy and sarcastic as me! I don't usually make time for watching much TV, except for playoffs mind you. I try to watch a bit of sports in the regular seasons as well (three sports that matter: football (CFL), baseball, and of course, hockey)

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

A lot of people have recommended House to me, but I haven't watched it yet. I was reading an article the other day which says that each episode is self-contained, so watching previous episodes is less essential than other shows.

I never got in to Frasier. It was a spin-off of Cheers, but didn't meet the same success. However, it did fare better than a previous spin-off which focussed on the Carla character and her family.

I'm watching Lost and Heros as part of my regular viewing. I watch re-runs of other shows I enjoy in between times. Heros is pretty good, but Lost is my favorite right now. I like the mystery aspect of Lost and how secrets are slowly revealed; gives you things to theorize about between episodes. Lost requires having watched most of the previous episodes, though watching all of them is best. Each season of Heros will be a little more independant of each other; right now the first season is nearing the end.

A bunch of people at work are really into Lost. I hope to start watching it this summer, but it depends on what Jen wants - it would be rather difficult to watch 3 seasons by myself. Heroes is definately cool - I'm very glad the last part of the season has started again.