Whither photos.rotundus.com?

If my bank account is to be entering a higher level of lockdown, I'm wondering if it's worth it for me to keep photos.rotundus.com online.

The current webhosting service that I'm using is about $40US/year for 800 megs of space, 10 gigs of transfer, and up to 10 gigs transfer (at a reputable webhost). At the moment, the photos galleries are gobbling up valuable disk space, but without them I can probably cut hosting costs in half or more (perhaps going back to discount-hosting.com).

I wouldn't be getting rid of the photo gallery were I to do this, but rather just moving it onto the LAN here (with access via SSH), and perhaps keeping a few of the most recent photos online.

Anyways, I just wondering if anyone finds the photo galleries to be of use, or if it's basically a personal collection of little interest to any of you.

On another web-related note, 1 & 1 is apparently now including WHOIS privacy features in it's $5.99US/year domain registrations. I renewed with NameCheap.com earlier this year, but the added feature may be enough to convince me to switch.


Anyone currently have a domain registered through 1and1.com? Just wondering how ackward their control panel is to use. I know that some of their web-hosting stuff is a bit of a nuisance to use, although functional once you work your way through the hassle.

From my perspective, it's 90% your personal interest and 10% my interest. Every now and then there's the odd photo I'm interested in seeing. If the site was no longer available, I wouldn't have a problem with that. The universe ran smoothly before it existed.