Listening to a general assembly

The PCA's general assembly is currently underway so I spent a few minutes this evening listening to the live webcast (the Windows Media server seems overloaded, but the RealPlayer feed is watchable). Some of the procedures reminded me of an earlier post wherein I suggested that reformed / presbyterian folks were probably nerdier than the average Joe.

The CanRC and URC both are more prescribed than the PCA in terms of liturgical forms, but someone suggested to me that the PCA has one at the most elaborate and lengthy church orders. Given that the current edition of the PCA's Book of Church Order clocks in at a whopping 347 pages, I'm feeling inclined to believe them.

According to the posted schedule, the controversial report on the federal vision is to be delivered tomorrow at 2pm Central Time. ( has been covering the controversy in some detail). We'll see what comes of that.


Tomorrow morning at 2PM?

Me? A typo? Never!