What sits on your bookshelves?

At the moment I've got a chunk of my library catalogued via LibraryThing. Here are a few random books I've got:


A site like that is exactly what I've been looking for. The desktop app I was using went from freeware to trialware, and the older version stopped working after I upgraded to IE7.

The majority of my books are Star Trek related, both fiction and reference. Train books are a close second, followed by computer books, religious books, and finally assorted fiction.

Hmm... free version is limited to 200 books. They have an interesting choose-your-price payment structure for annual or lifetime memberships.

I have to try librarything again, I started a year or more back, but stopped.
I'm sorting through my books as we may be rearranging some parts of the house--maybe that will spur me on to trying it again.