Weathering the Vulcan rainstorm

Earlier this week I made the trek down to MEC in search of a few things brought to mind by recent hikes. An earlier hike put the waterproofing of my hiking boots to the test, and they passed that test. (Although I also discovered then that if you end up more than knee-deep in snow without waterproof pants, water can still get in). Last Saturday's 20km-ish hike though left me with a few blisters so I picked up some better insoles.

The previous hike I referred to, which involved snow of greater than knee hike on the trail, rain, and even a little thunder also meant that I needed some better weatherproof clothing. I had discovered that my coat had lost my of its weatherproofing capabilities and so I picked up some stuff to hopefully restore that, as well as splurging on some other raingear.

I also got suckered into buying another guide book before walking out with my wallet metaphorically $200 lighter (who pays with cash anymore?). One thing that the book reminded me of is that the town of Vulcan, AB is just about an hour and a half from Calgary. Given the proximity of a flight museum and that I'm a mild Trekkie, I do think that I shall have to make the trek out there sometime soon.


The mad punster strikes again.

Where have you all been hiking? Always looking for some recommendations. I've been hoping to get out one of these weekends, sadly has not happened yet :-(

I haven't been the one finding hikes - a friend of mine seems to be a bit of a hiking/scrambling fanatic. The most recent real hike was Ribbon Falls out in Kananaskis.

I'll be out of town the next couple of weekends, but when I get back we'll have to go hiking sometime.