The impossible has happened. . .

First, it was Ryan having a decent computer, then it was Ryan getting on the internet, and now it's Ryan getting high speed internet. Yes, that's right. I now am connected to the web via ADSL (through Telus). You may now commence your expected comments of "wow" and "amazing" and other comments that I know you will all make.


Dude...Ryan's out of the stone age!!'ll never go back!

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

Probably not, it all depends on how much money there is to go around.

I don't quite know about the "never go back" part. I've dropped to dialup for some time (when working at TRIUMF), and to cell-phone only now (my plan happens to include unlimited data). It all depends on how much disposable income one has, other priorities in life, and also perhaps proximity to other sources of broadband.

Anyways, hopefully Shaw will have come by the townhouse today, so that I may be able to whip up an update for Rotundus tonight (that assumes that I can somehow find the time to do that).

Were you expecting this one?

It's about time.

Seeing as I got it myself (not my mom), I guess I did expect it. I was kind of planning on getting it once school was done, assuming it was in the budget. It was in the budget, so I got it.

We'll also see how much I use it. If I really don't use it much, I may stop getting it, although, that will be at least a year from now because I signed a 1-year contract for it. It got me an additional $5 a month off, and a 512 MB i-Pod shuffle.