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Master Trump’s game: Don’t get pissed. Do journalism.
It's advice that I wish the media would take but I don't really expect it to do so.
Exercising judgment in teaching about controversial issues
I think over all this does a pretty good job.
What works for crime reduction?
A Twitter thread. Doesn't look like jobs programs have that much to offer.
Does the Gender Composition of Scientific Committees Matter?
"A larger number of women in evaluation committees does not increase either the quantity or the quality of female candidates who qualify. If anything, when evaluators’ are not familiar with candidates’ research area, gender-mixed committees tend to be less favorable towards female candidates than all-male committees"

On joking and diversity

From the Five Books post The best books on Free Speech:

I think humour is unbelievably important as a way we use free speech to live with diversity. The Today programme, on BBC Radio 4, is full of mild ethnic joshing between the English, the Welsh, and the Scots. That’s the sign of a really healthy society, when you’ve got to the point that you can joke about it.

In my book I quote something terribly interesting, which is that in Senegal, which is a very diverse society, there are actually rituals of inter-ethnic joking. Everybody does jokes, and then, when they’re asked, ‘Why is it that people get on quite well with their neighbours?’ a large proportion of them say, ‘Because of these joking rituals.’ What Amoz Oz says is, ‘I have never met a fanatic who has a sense of humour, or someone with a sense of humour who is a fanatic.’ And therefore, he says, he wants to manufacture humour pills and have them distributed free around the Middle East. I think that’s just such a great insight.

Note that Five Books runs quite a few interviews with various people in which they're encouraged to pick out their favourite 5 books about a subject they're an expert in. The site is often worth a look.

More random links

The role of personality in individual differences in yearly earnings
" personality traits—narcissism and neuroticism in particular—accounted for 4% more variance in income than sex of the participant alone. We found that narcissism facilitated more income in men whereas neuroticism undermined earnings in women. We suspect the traits influence downstream factors like job choice, behaviors, and satisfaction that influence earnings differently in men and women"
Scientists spent a month terrifying guppies to prove that fish have personalities
There's something a bit fishy going on here.
In Trump Country, Shock at Trump Budget Cuts, but Still Loyalty
"Some of the loyalty seemed to be grounded in resentment at Democrats for mocking Trump voters as dumb bigots"
Professors in Core Science Fields Are Not Always Biased against Women: Evidence from France
"Taking the entrance exam of a French higher education institution as a natural experiment, we find that evaluation is actually biased in favor of females in more male-dominated subjects (e.g., math, philosophy) and in favor of males in more female-dominated subjects (e.g., literature, biology)"

Random links

Jeff Sessions just criticized university safe spaces. But conservatives want their own safe spaces too.
Often seemingly-dissimilar groups behave in similar ways.
Evidence that curtailing proactive policing can reduce major crime
Could broken-windows policing do more harm than good?
Love Thy Neighbor? Ethnoracial Diversity and Trust Reexamined
"According to recent research, ethnoracial diversity negatively affects trust and social capital. This article challenges the current conception ... the association between diversity and self-reported trust is a compositional artifact attributable to residential sorting: nonwhites report lower trust and are overrepresented in heterogeneous communities. ... classic indicators of inequality, not diversity, strongly and consistently predict self-reported trust."
Are Misperceptions of Certainty Making Political Discussions Difficult?
"our research indicates that people underestimate the certainty of those they disagree with." More on the pros and cons of attempting to correct this.


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