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Avocado injuries a thing of the past?
"This isn't just any avocado - it's a stoneless avocado." (but they seem kind of small)
Misery Doesn’t Seem to Improve the Quality of Art
" work created during what the researchers call 'a period of bereavement' was up to 35 percent less valuable than a given artist’s other pieces. On top of that, the morose works were less likely to be included in the collections of major museums."
Will Republicans regret enabling a demagogue? My Iranian parents did.
"I thought about my parents, who had been Iranian revolutionaries in the 1970s but later suffered terribly at the hands of the people they helped bring to power. My father was executed, my mother exiled. I thought about how the way they were then is a lot like how the Republicans are now: willing to upend the old regime to usher in a new order regardless of the cost."

Doing the right thing

That is the history of humanity: Those in authority believe they’re doing the right thing, and they harm those who have no power - Jerome Kagan (source)

Random links

Guilt by Association: How Scientific Misconduct Harms Prior Collaborators
"the negative effects of scientific misconduct spill over to uninvolved prior collaborators: compared to a control group, prior collaborators of misconducting scientists, who have no link to the misconduct case, are cited 8 to 9% less afterwards."
Memories of unethical actions become obfuscated over time
"as compared with people who engaged in ethical behavior and those who engaged in positive or negative actions, people who acted unethically are the least likely to remember the details of their actions."
Do Protests Matter? Evidence from the 1960s Black Insurgency
Based on 1960s data: "In presidential elections, proximity to black-led nonviolent protests increased white Democratic vote-share whereas proximity to black-led violent protests caused substantively important declines."

Compare & contrast - islands of honesty/corruption


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