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Study of the Week: What Actually Helps Poor Students? Human Beings
"What’s shared by tutoring, small group instruction, cooperative learning, and feedback and progress monitoring – the interventions that come out looking best? The influence of another human being. The ability to work closely with others, particularly trained professionals, to go through the hard, inherently social work of error and correction and trying again."
Why Isn’t My Professor Conservative?
An article primarily focused on reasons other than discrimination as to why conservatives are underrepresented amongst the professoriate in modern universities.
Does power really corrupt?
... or is this conclusion found in academic journals in part as a result of publication bias?

Adorno on signing appeals

Another quote from Grand Hotel Abyss: The Lives of the Frankfurt School, this time from Theodore Adorno:

It is difficult to even sign appeals with which one sympathises, because in their inevitable desire to have a political impact, they always contain an element of untruth … The absence of commitment is not necessarily a moral defect; it can also be moral because it means insisting on the autonomy of one’s own point of view.

Random links

Evolutionary Origins of the Endowment Effect: Evidence from Hunter-Gatherers
"The endowment effect, the tendency to value possessions more than non-possessions, is a well known departure from rational choice and has been replicated in numerous settings." This interestingly appears not to exist in hunter-gatherer populations though.
Change Minds Or Drive Turnout?
"As far as I can tell, the evidence leans against the win-by-extremism-turning-out-the-base argument. Extremists tend to do worse in elections. They don’t raise turnout of their base; in fact, they probably lower it. They may fire up their opponents’ base. And swing voters can make a big difference when a candidate appeals to them."
Donald Trump as a Cultural Revolt Against Perceived Communication Restriction: Priming Political Correctness Norms Causes More Trump Support
I suspect that a lot of the stuff people have done in opposition towards Trump will actually draw more supporters to him.

Schattschneider on Democracy


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