"Eating chocolate will make you look younger and thinner"

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Alfred Swinton is an innocent man. But your TV still says he’s a serial killer.
A guy from The Innocence Project quoted in the article describes the show as “a treasure trove of potential innocence cases ... I feel like we could spend a week watching those shows and find a lot more clients.” I wonder how much of this might be due to media tending to gravitate towards sensational cases? And the show is still on Youtube if you follow the link int he article, now at 140000+ viewing since September of last year. I wonder how many of those have occurred since his exoneration.
China builds ‘world’s biggest air purifier’ (and it seems to be working)
I wonder which we'll see more of: these or devices dedicated to capturing CO2.
Ironic Effects of Antiprejudice Messages: How Motivational Interventions Can Reduce (but Also Increase) Prejudice
"motivating people to reduce prejudice by emphasizing external control produced more explicit and implicit prejudice than did not intervening at all. Conversely, participants in whom autonomous motivation to regulate prejudice was induced displayed less explicit and implicit prejudice compared with no-treatment control participants."

Racism as a national security vulnerability

Back in September 2017 the president of the NAACP's Legal Defense and Educational Fund posted this:

How does this compare to a recent analysis of ads purchased by groups linked to Russian influence?

Expect foreign powers - Russia probably being the primary current example - to look for a society's vulnerabilities and aim to exploit them by playing both sides. It's the sort of principle that applies anywhere and to whatever those local vulnerabilities may be. Think divide and rule, though in the present environment I wonder if it might be better phrased as divide and disable.

Random links

Perspective Mistaking: Accurately Understanding the Mind of Another Requires Getting Perspective, Not Taking Perspective
"Although a large majority of pretest participants believed that perspective taking would systematically increase accuracy on these tasks, we failed to find any consistent evidence that it actually did so. If anything, perspective taking decreased accuracy overall while occasionally increasing confidence in judgment. Perspective taking reduced egocentric biases, but the information used in its place was not systematically more accurate. A final experiment confirmed that getting another person’s perspective directly, through conversation, increased accuracy but that perspective taking did not. Increasing interpersonal accuracy seems to require gaining new information rather than utilizing existing knowledge about another person. Understanding the mind of another person is therefore enabled by getting perspective, not simply taking perspective."
Pulling valuable metals from e-waste makes financial sense
"... recovering gold, copper and other metals from e-waste is cheaper than obtaining these metals from mines."
Hispanic Population Growth Engenders Conservative Shift Among Non-Hispanic Racial Minorities
"Four studies reveal that making Hispanic population growth salient leads non-Hispanic racial minorities to identify as more conservative and support more conservative policy positions, compared with control information. The policy preferences of Hispanics, however, were not affected by exposure to information about their ingroup’s growth. Considered in tandem with previous research, the present studies suggest that Hispanic population growth may motivate greater support for conservative ideology among members of both racial majority and minority groups."


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