A batch of fresh photos

Today I finally got tired of having had a half-roll of film in my camera so I took a number of silly shots in order to fill the thing up. Anyways, I now have some proof that I'm not only consuming unhealthy stuff, a couple of photos from the trip to Edmonton, and a somewhat winteresque scene with my car in the midst of it (given that it's snowed at least a little each day this week, I'm glad that I've been bussing and haven't had to brush off the snow each morning).

I've discovered that I don't like precipitation in any form, but at the same time snow on the ground isn't necessarily too bad.

One photo had been intended to fool people into thinking that I had been in Toronto, but in order to accomplish that I would have had to have had the film developed right away. I'm sure that Darren will be disappointed that I didn't take photos of any locomotives in Edmonton other than of the sign variety.

What does one serve with buffalo?

Last night I smothered some shrimp with alfredo sauce and tossed them in with fettucini, thus nearly depleting my stock of seafood.

Today I was at the Gour-mart (a nice short walk from where I live), and, when I was waiting to pay, noticed that they seemed to carry a full assortment of buffalo products. Aynways, I've never cooked buffalo before (and I'm not even sure if I've tasted buffalo before), but suffice it to say that I will be doing so in the near future. So, what does one serve buffalo with? Does this mean I need to dig up some potatoes, or would something like this be better served with some bannock?

What to fill a roll of film with?

At the moment I've had a roll of film kicking around in my SLR for some length of time now, and I'm debating how to fill it (as it would be nice to get the stuff that's currently on there developed).

Currently I've got a Kodak Easyshare CX6330 on an indefinite-length loan from a roommate (and he, in turn, is borrowing my MP3/CD player), but it still would be nice to get some digital SLR gear one of these days. I just can't decide between Nikon and Canon at this point - I currently have Nikon gear, but Nikon has in recent years done some stupid things. Nikon seems to have better build quality on their consumer-level DSLRs, but Canon has a lot more models to offer.


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