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Sons of the Soil, Migrants, and Civil War
"In nearly a third of ethnic civil wars since 1945, the conflict develops between members of a regional ethnic group that considers itself to be the indigenous “sons of the soil” and recent migrants from other parts of the country."
Why we should all stop saying “I know exactly how you feel”
"You don’t. And you’re also steering the focus away from someone who probably just wants to be heard. Here’s how to be a more considerate conversation partner"
Which Hat to Wear? Impact of Natural Identities on Coordination and Cooperation
"By priming a fragmenting (ethnic) identity, we find that, compared to the control, participants are significantly less likely to choose high effort in the minimum-effort games, leading to less efficient coordination. In comparison, priming a common organization (school) identity significantly increases the choice of a rational joint payoff maximizing strategy in a prisoner’s dilemma game."

Must Muslims serve you alcohol?

An interesting tweet pairing:

A day or two earlier on the opposite side of the Atlantic:

The question is not what some - or even most - members of a community are willing to do but what differences you're willing to tolerate.

Random links

Avocado injuries a thing of the past?
"This isn't just any avocado - it's a stoneless avocado." (but they seem kind of small)
Misery Doesn’t Seem to Improve the Quality of Art
" work created during what the researchers call 'a period of bereavement' was up to 35 percent less valuable than a given artist’s other pieces. On top of that, the morose works were less likely to be included in the collections of major museums."
Will Republicans regret enabling a demagogue? My Iranian parents did.
"I thought about my parents, who had been Iranian revolutionaries in the 1970s but later suffered terribly at the hands of the people they helped bring to power. My father was executed, my mother exiled. I thought about how the way they were then is a lot like how the Republicans are now: willing to upend the old regime to usher in a new order regardless of the cost."

Doing the right thing

That is the history of humanity: Those in authority believe they’re doing the right thing, and they harm those who have no power - Jerome Kagan (source)


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