A couple of interesting audio bits... (and an article to finish things off)

Following some interesting chatter on the way home from SFU on Thursday, I figured that I should post the following here and see if you have any response. (That said, I'm not sure if anyone actually listens to these things other than me - anyone else actually listen to recorded lectures?)

First off, a while back I had mentioned a set of church history lectures that I had found online. A week or so ago I finally finished listening to the last of the 17 talks that they had on there. A comment made in the second last lecture, covering the Arminianism and the events around the Synod of Dordt, seemed rather interesting. Basically, he said something along on the lines of: when preaching about human responsibility people may say I sound like an Arminian, but when preaching about perseverence of the saints I sound like a Calvinist. Seems on the surface a little contradictory, but on the other hand I'm not totally sure that that's always such a bad thing. At times I wonder just how much of the whole debate on this topic is simply a reflection of the human inability to grasp the concept of existance without time.

Secondly, another thing that I wanted to post is a recording of a sermon delivered by a Reformed Baptist minister. Basically, this sermon is an examination of (and his eventual rejection of) arguments for infant baptism. I wasn't so sure that I agreed with everything that he mentioned (somethings that he said about Lydia I didn't fully agree with. I think that there was also one other area where I was in disagreement, but I can't recall offhand what that was).

To finish off this list of links, I figured that I would also link to something that I found regarding the relationship between the Church and history. I thought that it was an interesting read at least.

Municipal elections...

Just wondering if any of you have been digging up info on candidates running in your local municipality, in preparation for voting day on Saturday. It's definitely a lot more difficult to find information on a lot of these candidates, than for thosing running provincially or federally.

Some people definitely didn't seem to be paying attention when electing a school board in California.

I've been trying to think of areas in which the municipal government comes into play. Basically, the first thought to come to mind was business licensing / development permits - to prevent casinos and other undesirable places from opening up in town. Other than that I'm having a little bit of difficulty thinking of other issues that would be important - other than stewardship (financial, environmental, etc.) and personal integrity.

On the school board front, beyond the stuff that is typical emphasized, there's the issue of sex ed.

Can anyone think of anything that I'm missing?

Get together on the 27th

Per my conversations with everyone this evening, the party is at my parents (4243 Tolmie) on Sunday the 27th. Pretty much any time should be fine, and I don't think anyone has to bring anything.

Canon's Canadian pricing is crap!

I'm still debating whether or not I can afford to acquire a digital camera. However, one conclusion that I've come to is that Canon's Canadian pricing for the A610 is crap. It can be acquired for $285US (~ $340CDN) at the large retail chain's websites. The same camera is current ON SALE in Canada for $420, and most stores currently have this model at $450.


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