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France is banning mobile phones in schools
"While phones are already prohibited in classrooms in France, starting in September 2018 students won’t be allowed to use them on breaks, at lunch, or between lessons either."
Do High School Sports Build or Reveal Character?
"We do not find consistent evidence of individual benefits reported in many previous studies – once we have accounted for selection, high school athletes are no more likely to attend college, earn higher wages, or participate in the labor force. However, we do find that men (but not women) who participated in high school athletics are more likely to exercise regularly as adults. Nevertheless, athletes are no less likely to be obese."
For people in Japan, happiness isn’t associated with better health
"Feeling positive emotions is good for your physical health, right? There’s certainly evidence in support of the idea. But it’s mostly come from studies of people living in Western countries. Now a study published in Psychological Science, concludes that for people in Japan, it may not be the case."

Things to think about when talking politics online

You're not too likely to convince your opponents ...

... and there's a good chance that if the environment is polarized enough your attempts will just spark more polarization

Random links

Sons of the Soil, Migrants, and Civil War
"In nearly a third of ethnic civil wars since 1945, the conflict develops between members of a regional ethnic group that considers itself to be the indigenous “sons of the soil” and recent migrants from other parts of the country."
Why we should all stop saying “I know exactly how you feel”
"You don’t. And you’re also steering the focus away from someone who probably just wants to be heard. Here’s how to be a more considerate conversation partner"
Which Hat to Wear? Impact of Natural Identities on Coordination and Cooperation
"By priming a fragmenting (ethnic) identity, we find that, compared to the control, participants are significantly less likely to choose high effort in the minimum-effort games, leading to less efficient coordination. In comparison, priming a common organization (school) identity significantly increases the choice of a rational joint payoff maximizing strategy in a prisoner’s dilemma game."

Must Muslims serve you alcohol?

An interesting tweet pairing:

A day or two earlier on the opposite side of the Atlantic:

The question is not what some - or even most - members of a community are willing to do but what differences you're willing to tolerate.


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