Yay! I have enough credits to graduate...

Well, today the last of my final grades was released, so it seems that I now have a sufficient number of credits for my degree. It would be nice to spend a little bit of time celebrating, but, at the same time, I've got enough other stuff to do this week.

Car-shopping is but one of the things on my list currently, and it doesn't really help that there are few things in this world that I enjoy less. I had one good moment today, in which I remembered that I should be getting a good-sized chunk of change back with my tax return. I think that I'll probably add that sum to the sum that I was thinking of spending on a car. One thing that I've found somewhat odd is that the cars under consideration with a lower budget contained a higher percentage of automatics than the vehicles that I've been looking at with a slightly higher pricepoint (and it's not like I'm looking at sports cars).


Congrats. When are you officially gone to Calgary?

Automatic transmissions are becoming more and more standard equipment as opposed to an extra.

When are you officially gone to Calgary?

The plan is to leave sometime between the 26th and 28th.