More photos online...

I had a number of errands to do tonight, and one of them was to get my latest roll of film developed. They weren't going to get scanned and uploaded today, but someone at the photo lab must have screwed up because I found a picture CD (which I didn't pay for) included when I opened up the envelope containing the prints.

I added a few photos to the first gallery for 2006, and also some photos that I took when out for a walk. Beware that train photos are included - it's not actually a bad area for railfanning around here. Within a not too long walk, there are two rail bridges (both accessible via public trails on both sides of the river), as well as a number of overpasses. Most of the train photos I took were just to showcase the spot, as in a lot of them the lighting wasn't the best.

By the way, one of this evenings errands was to go and vote. If I can be bothered to find a local Elections Canada office, find the silly thing in the maze that Calgary's road system is, and figure out the mail-in ballot voting procedure, the least that you can do is get to the polls later this month and cast a ballot.

(P.S. In case you didn't guess, Shaw did drop by the townhouse today to do an install)


No comments on the zamboni roaming around some ice in downtown Calgary?

Now that you mention it, I vaguely recall there being some inside joke about zambonis, but can't remember what it was.

If there's not much snow out there and it hovers around -5 or whatever only... how is that lake safe to skate on? wouldn't the middle still be liquid and the ice only a thin layer?
(Not referring to the rink in town but the lake thingey)

It's not a lake - it's a lagoon and it's connected to the Bow River which feeds from the Rockies. That probably does quite a bit to keep it cool. Anyways, once the ice is frozen, it does take a bit of effort to defrost it all as it doesn't really get much above freezing here at all.

And, BTW, the "not much snow" is largely due to lack of precipitation, rather than it defrosting. Of the 3 weeks that I've been here now, there was a slight amount of snow a couple of days back, and then another few centimeters overnight. Other than that it's been dry here.