Walked by a certain railroad's headquarters today...

Saw the steam locomotive that they've got sitting outside there. There was actually a rather interesting pedestrian underpass (under the tracks) along 1 st SW at 9th ave (this was in downtown - you can tell that Calgary is a bit of a railway town if you've got a rail yard right around the downtown core). Anyways, this pedestrian underpass was lit by a rather interesting technique. Basically, they had worked up a number of different locomotives and trains (in wireframe) along the wall. The lighting then came from such things as signals, locomotive headlines, "sparks" in the "steam" from a locomotive, and other sorts of lighting effects that you might see around the tracks.


Take any pictures?

Didn't have any camera with me. The SLR is a bit of a nuisance to lug around, and I hadn't been planning to end up around the CPR. Basically the purpose of the trip was to go shopping for some used books.

If you feel like donating to the digicam-for-Dave fund be my guest. I tried to pick up a Sony DSC-W5 when London Drugs was clearing them out, but by the time that I got there all Calgary stores were sold out. Buying a digicam isn't exactly too high on my list of priorities at the moment - currently I'm rooming with a couple of people, but I foresee a need to do some serious furniture (etc.) shopping soon.

The SLR is a bit of a nuisance to lug around

Lazy sod!

It's not that it's heavy or anything - it's just that it's annoyingly bulky for lugging around 24/7 (and can make you look like an idiot at the same time).