Another library at hand

I'll readily admit that I'm a book junkie, but it's nice to have another library to access (although that hasn't stopped me from getting my hands on a few new books out here). It's kind of nice now as a grad student having books default to a semester loan rather than just a few weeks.

I actually have a branch of the Calgary Public Library System about a block away from here, although I'm not sure I can get stuff there unless I fork out a bunch of money for a community borrower card which I would then need to renew at regular intervals.

Anyways, the U of C library does seem to have a better selection of theological materials out than SFU does. Currently I've got on my shelf a copy of the book From Sabbath to Lord's Day, which I expect will make for some rather interesting reading.

As to what books I've purchased since arriving out here, a rough list is something like the following:

  • Biblical Preaching (perhaps an odd selection, considering that I don't think I'll ever end up as a pastor - the book's intended audience)
  • Rumours of Another World (Philip Yancey)
  • Denominationalism (Richey)
  • The Greeks - Their Life and Customs (Guhl & Koner)
  • Shake Hands with the Devil - The failure of humanity in Rwanda


What's the Rwanda one about? (Other than the obvious)-- is it related to something that happened in history?

Didn't you watch the hotel rwanda movie? Basically it's about the same incident, although this book is written by a Canadian general who was in charge of UN forces there.