It was a bit of a strange weekend...

Well, this past Sunday I landed up at a evening service in a charasmatic church in jeans, and dirty ones at that. The sidestory to this one, is that I wandered off with one roommate (and his fiancee) to play a little football in a local park. Anyways, they somehow neglected to mention that there was this evening service afterwards, and hence:

[Dave] + [Football] + [Lack of Warning] + [Unusual service time] = [Dave in a charasmatic church in dirty jeans]

(That church is one that both of my roommates belong to, and this was a special service for the 58th anniversary of the founding of their church - they normally meet in the mornings).

From their brief statement of faith:

7. Every believer should experience the infilling of the Holy Spirit with speaking in tongues. Every believer should receive gifts of the Spirit, as the Spirit of God wills, by the laying on of hands and prophecy; thus enabling him to enter into a Spiritual ministry. This will empower him to live a fruitful and godly life, full of good works, i.e. caring for the widow and the fatherless in their affliction, zealous in the witness of the gospel to every creature, and the fulfillment of his own personal ministry as a member of the one holy, universal church, which is the body of Christ.


I liked their comment in the statement of faith of what we believe and teach: "2. Homosexuality and Lesbianism. The lifestyles of the Homosexual and the Lesbian are practices that we do not condone and reject as they are rejected in the Bible." If all things are supposed to come from the bible and they call themselves christians how can they even support gays if it even says in their statement that it is rejected in the bible? Do the people who even attend this church know what their church supports?

Huh? I think that you're misinterpreting their statement and/or I'm kind of confused about the point that you're trying to make.

Remember the general principle: love the sinner, hate the sin. (The wording used seems to refer to "gays" as a group of people rather than [some of] the beliefs and practices of the members of the group).