Feeling a lack of motivation...

Maybe it's that the undergrads have the full week off, when I really should be working on accomplishing something, but my level of motivation has been quite low starting around last Friday or so. I had hoped that a trip to Edmonton would do something to bring my energy levels back but I didn't get that much academic stuff done yesterday and only a little more today.

In the process of procrastination (which also involved reading a whole lot of semi-random blogs), I also managed to get some more useful reading done. I polished off a book by Lee Strobel in short order, and also had time to still a somewhat longer statement regarding the church that my roommates attend (roughly 42 pages in length).

One thing that I found a little interesting about that second book is that it argues that the roles of husband and wife are synonomous with those of elder and deacon (respectively) in the church (It argued that the roles of elder and deacon hold on 3 levels - over the universal church, over the local church, and finally the family). It seems that that denomination also views the offices of both elder and deacon as life-long (unless they don't fall into error), and as well unelected.