Where are the Albertan rednecks?

One thing that I forgot to mention about my trip to Edmonton were a few observations from the provincial museum that I visited. One difference that I observed between the Glenbow Museum in Calgary and the Royal Alberta Museum in Edmonton was that in latter museum a high percentage of the animal exhibits mentioned hunting, hunting seasons, and the number of hunting licensing issues for whatever type of hunt. Does this mean that most of those who might be dubbed rednecks reside in the more northern regions of the province?

(BTW, speaking of my Edmontonian relatives and the museum, one of the relatives that I was staying with used to work at the Royal Alberta Museum as a taxidermist. How's that for an unusual, yet cool job?).


Of all the places I've been in Alberta, I've yet to see a stereotypical redneck. The closest thing to what you might call a redneck are the people in the Barrhead/Neerlandia area, which is indeed in the more northern region of the province.