The moral of the story - always take a coat along

One thing that I've grown to accept as a good habit is to take along some reasonably warm coat no matter what the weather happens to be. Prior to Calgarian life, my justification for this was due to the environments in which I've worked, but now it seems a good idea year round out here with the chinook effect.

As an example, on Monday morning it was roughly -16 (minus twenty-something with windchill factored in) and I was rather annoyed at being unable to find my toque. Later, in the afternoon temperatures were somewhere around 10 degrees and I was walking about outside without a coat on.

I was already slipping and sliding all over the place with the amount of ice on the sidewalks Monday, but I only expect that to be worse in the morning. There was a lot of snow melting Monday afternoon, and I expect that to be all ice when I wake up.


Crazy weather over's now back to -9 and snowing! Sucks to be Dave! The other day we got just enough snow to cover the grass (maybe 3cm), and it was gone by the next afternoon.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.