Where will I be in a couple of months?

As you may or may not already know I've got about a month and a half to find myself some new accomodations. The story behind this is that one of my roommates (AKA my landlord) is getting married in mid-April, and I thus need to be out of the place by the time that he and his wife-to-be return from their honeymoon.

Anyways, this means that I'm currently scouting the Calgary rental market for vacancies. Rather than increase my options, I'm finding that having a car is actually decreasing them (it'll probably cost me an extra $100 for a parking spot if I end up moving downtown). I'm debating what I can / should spend on accomodations. Living with a few roomates does wonders to cut costs down, and means that if I do end up living on my own my housing costs will probably increase by 50% or more (I can afford it, but at the same time I have better things to do with my money).

Anyways, if you happen to know of anyone in Calgary looking for roommates, or with an apartment or suite to rent, do let me know.