Daylight savings time extension

I just uncovered a story from my Firefox bookmarks in Windows that I figured was still worthy of posting. Basically, it concerns the extension of daylight savings time in the USA. Anyone think that we'll up being out of sync with US timezones for a while in the not-so-distant future?


From what I've heard, it seems like a big deal over something trivial. I understand that being out of sync would be inconvenient, but the press seems to continue to harp on that point and only passingly mentions that it's just a simple matter of Canada adopting the same extension. I prefer being on daylight savings anyway.

I'd prefer getting rid of the concept of daylight savings time in its entirety. From what I can recall there are certain places in Canada (Saskatchewan?) that don't implement the concept?

The anonymous comment was once again from me.

Yes Saskatchewen doesn't observe Daylight Savings. Neither does Arizona, as well as parts of Indiana. I like that it is still light outside when I'm driving home. Extending daylight savings would make this last a bit longer, though not all the time.

The fact of the matter is, being on DST saves money. It has been established that people use less energy (presumably because they are awake during the warmest hours of the day). In a place and time where energy is something that needs to be considered, this is one of their solutions (despite many people driving SUVs and large trucks for no good reason).

You'd probably save even more money if you'd oriented your time to sunrise / sunset. I think that the problem is an over-reliance on time on a clock.

That's how things used to be, but it didn't work very well having each city on a different time. A more practical approach would be to have a global time, and then people can go by sunrise and sunset.