Camping? Canada-Day long weekend somewhere around Salmon Arm or Revelstoke?

I was just chatting with Ryan on the phone this evening about the possibility of going camping somewhere roughly midway between Vancouver and Calgary around the July weekend (the long weekend, of course, meaning Book Early!).

The U of C shuts down on the Monday (July 1 is a Saturday) arounding to the calendar I found. Unfortunately, at the moment, about all I can supply as far as camping gear is concerned would be a single sleeping bag (I need to buy a new tent, and virtually everything else I've ever used whenever camping was probably borrowed from someone or other).


I've got a tent, though I was semi-planning the Canada Day long weekend for my two-day railfanning trip (Friday, Saturday?) Problem is I can't decide whether to do the CN north of Kamloops, or the CP from around Salmon Arm east (and Golden south). What I could do is just stay in or near Kamloops, and do both, but that would be a bit more difficult.

I'm not crazy...oh, wait, nevermind.

May Long Weekend maybe?